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Our Mission

America is a land of unlimited horizons. From the settlers at Jamestown, to the cowboys of the Western frontier to the explorers who take us into space, this country has never been about limits.

Yet too often today, a very different concept of America comes into conflict with our great traditions of confident liberty and individual freedom. Liberal notions of leveling and regulation and envy and indulgence seek to limit the opportunities of our people.

Conservatives value the individual and instinctively reject the collectivism that liberals worship. This conflict plays out across the nation in our elections. And in those elections, National Horizon fights on the side of less government and more respect for families.

Election campaigns have become very costly. The Left can count of their traditional friends in the news media and labor for fulsome support. Conservatives must work together to counter the advantages the Left enjoys. National Horizon accepts that mission.

National Horizon is a super PAC working, in targeted races, independently of the campaigns we support. Following recent Supreme Court rulings that restored the role of free speech in campaigns, individuals and corporations can participate freely in a super PAC to express themselves in campaigns. That is the role of National Horizon.

In the political battle of ideas, National Horizon gives conservatives the extra firepower they need to win.

Join us.


Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.

–Hillary Rodham Clinton, October 24, 2012


After eight years of Barack Obama, think about whether America can afford four years of Hillary Clinton.

Now consider the thought that her friends Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could be in control of the House and Senate.  Then remember how often the Republican Establishment has surrendered instead of fighting.

More of the same in Washington.  It’s a dream for liberal ideologues . . . and a nightmare for the rest of America.

Whether the liberals’ dreams come true is up to you.

National Horizon gathers together the resources of those who truly understand what is at stake in this election and, in combining forces, multiplies the impact any individual could make alone.  In targeted races, National Horizon provides the firepower needed to win.

In a campaign where unions and other liberal special interests are turning the spigot wide open with campaign cash and organizational muscle, groups like National Horizon are the best weapon to defeat the Left.

If you are considering helping National Horizon, you know the races where we are fighting.  Please join with the others across the country who have invested in National Horizon because they both see the threat and understand the opportunity.

Armed with faith in the ideals that made this Nation great, if we fight back together, we will win.



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